Maximizing Earnings


ZooDAO offers a unique opportunity for users to maximize their earnings through strategic participation. Understanding how to effectively use the platform's mechanics can significantly enhance your potential rewards. This guide outlines key strategies for maximizing your earnings in ZooDAO.

Leverage Liquidity for Higher Yields

  1. 1.
    Amplify Your Liquidity:
    • The more liquidity you commit to your votes, the higher the potential yield - it really is that simple. This is because ZooDAO operates on DeFi yields, turning your votes into a direct source of income.
    • Voting with more liquidity not only boosts your personal yield but also ensures that you'll face opponents in higher-ranking Leagues who generate more yield.
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    Target Higher Leagues for Greater Rewards:
    • Higher-ranking League opponents generally have more liquidity staked and generate bigger amounts of yield. Winning against these opponents can result in significantly larger earnings.

Strategic Voting for Optimal Earnings

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    Monitor veZOO Rankings:
    • Stay informed about the veZOO rankings, which indicate the most profitable NFTs in terms of $ZOO yield.
    • Voting on NFTs with high veZOO rankings increases your share in the $ZOO released every season.
  2. 2.
    Align with Yield Maximization:
    • If your primary goal is to maximize APR/APY, focus on voting on NFTs staked in the highest ranks of veZOO.
    • By strategically voting for these high-yield NFTs, you align yourself with the most profitable aspect of ZooDAO’s ecosystem, as you will achieve DeFi returns along with the maximum $ZOO returns.

Understand the No-Loss Game Model

  • ZooDAO is designed as a no-loss game, meaning that while you can earn significant rewards, your original investment will not be lost or liquidated, and it can be withdrawn during Stage 1 of any Battle.
  • This model allows you to participate liberally and with confidence, knowing that your principal liquidity is not at risk.

Advanced ZooDAO Tip: Strategic League Positioning

For experienced ZooDAO enthusiasts looking to min-max their chances, strategic positioning within your League is key. Take the Bronze League, where the vote range is between 400 and 1500. Ideally, positioning yourself at the upper limit, say around 1499 votes, can significantly enhance your odds of emerging as a favorite in every Battle in the League. However, tread cautiously with this tactic. It's a delicate balancing act – getting too close to the League's upper threshold risks being pushed into the next league by another voter. This strategy adds a thrilling layer of game theory to your ZooDAO experience. Let the strategic play begin!


Maximizing earnings in ZooDAO requires a blend of strategic liquidity investment, informed voting, and participation in higher-ranking Leagues. By understanding the dynamics of DeFi yields, veZOO rankings, and the no-loss game model, you can effectively enhance your earning potential. Dive into the world of ZooDAO with these strategies in mind, and watch your investments grow in this exciting and rewarding ecosystem.