How to Boost your Votes

How to Boost Your Votes in ZooDAO: A Step-by-Step Guide


Boosting your votes in ZooDAO enhances your influence in Battles, even when you receive your opponent, you can increase your chances of winning by Boosting. This four-step guide walks you through the process of using ZOO-ETH LP (liquidity provider) tokens for Boosting.

Steps for Boosting Votes

  1. Initiate Boost: In Stage 4, find an NFT you have voted for and click the 'Boost' button.

  2. Get ZOO-ETH LP: Click 'Get ZOO-ETH LP'. This redirects you to Camelot’s interface.

  3. Add Liquidity on Camelot: Ensure you select 'V2' and 'LP only' (not 'V3'). You can add as much liquidity as desired, which is useful for both Boosting and veZOO. First-timers need to approve spending for ETH and ZOO, then click 'Add liquidity'.

  4. Return to ZooDAO: Once you have ZOO-ETH LP tokens, go back to the ZooDAO dApp. These tokens are now ready for use in Boosting and veZOO.


Boosting votes in ZooDAO is a strategic move to increase your influence in Battles. With ZOO-ETH LP tokens, you can effectively leverage your participation in the ecosystem, enhancing your competitive edge in ZooDAO Battles.

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