How to Bridge NFTs

Bridging NFTs in ZooDAO

Your NFTs are now omnichain, anon!

Bridging your NFTs to the desired blockchain within the ZooDAO ecosystem is a crucial step for participating in Battles and other activities. ZooDAO has built a powerful in-house NFT bridge around LayerZero's tech stack. Here's how you can bridge your NFTs:

  1. Access the Bridge Interface:

    • Open the ZooDAO dApp.

    • Head to the 'Bridge' section.

  2. Select Your NFTs:

    • Choose the NFT or NFTs you wish to bridge.

    • You can select up to 10 NFTs from the same collection to bridge simultaneously.

  3. Authorize and Bridge:

    • Confirm your selection and approve the bridging process.

    • Complete the process by bridging your NFTs to the chosen destination chain.

Note on NFT Eligibility:

  • All ERC-721 NFTs from Ethereum are bridgeable.

  • If your NFT isn't currently eligible for Battles, contact the ZooDAO team for potential integration, making it eligible for Battle and veZOO functionalities.

Conclusion Bridging NFTs in ZooDAO is a straightforward process that significantly enhances your strategic options in Battles and veZOO. By following these simple steps, you can ensure your prized NFTs are where they need to be for optimal participation.

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