How to Claim Rewards

How to Claim Rewards in ZooDAO: Quick Guide

Claiming rewards in ZooDAO is a straightforward process, crucial for realizing your earned benefits. Here's how you can do it efficiently:

  1. Go to Portfolio: Start by accessing the 'Portfolio' section in the dApp.

  2. Filter Your NFTs: Use filters to sort between 'My Staked NFTs' or 'My Voted NFTs'.

  3. Identify Eligible NFTs: Look for NFTs with claimable rewards, displayed on the NFT cards.

  4. Claim Your Rewards: Depending on your preference, click 'Claim', 'Claim ZOO', or 'Claim Challenger ZOO' to retrieve your earnings.

Conversion and Usage Options

Post-claim, you have the flexibility to convert your DeFi (GLP) rewards into any supported asset or keep them in GLP and use them to enhance your voting positions within the platform.

Important Reminder

Remember, reward claims are restricted to Stage 1 of the Battle cycle. Ensure you're within this window to successfully claim your rewards.

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