How to Get Assets on Arbitrum

How to Get Assets on Arbitrum for ZooDAO

Understanding the Context:

ZooDAO is a game-centric platform where the essence of the gameplay revolves around voting liquidity. This user liquidity is pivotal in creating yield, which becomes the focal point of Battles within the game. Ensuring a smooth transfer of liquidity to Arbitrum from other chains is crucial for an optimal ZooDAO experience. To facilitate this, ZooDAO has partnered with Squid, a cross-chain swapping protocol powered by Axelar, designed to streamline the process all from with ZooDAO's dApp.

Using Squid for Asset Transfer:

  1. Initiate the Swap Process:

    • Access ZooDAO's dApp.

    • Click on the 'Swap Tokens' button.

  2. Connect Your Wallet:

    • Ensure your wallet is connected to the widget itself to facilitate the transaction.

  3. Select Source and Destination:

    • Choose your source chain and the asset you wish to swap.

    • Select 'Arbitrum' as your destination chain.

    • Choose the asset you desire for voting purposes in ZooDAO.

  4. Address Gas Requirements:

    • If you lack gas on the destination chain (e.g., ETH on Arbitrum), opt for the '+Gas' feature during the swap.

    • This option allocates a portion of your transaction towards covering gas fees, ensuring smooth operations on Arbitrum.

  5. Finalize the Swap:

    • Confirm the swap either to your standard 0x address or specify a new destination address.

    • Once you approve all necessary transactions, your assets will be transferred to the chosen chain.


Seamlessly transferring assets to Arbitrum is a key component in participating effectively in ZooDAO. By leveraging the Squid protocol, users can ensure their liquidity is where it needs to be, enabling them to dive into the dynamic world of Battles and liquidity voting on ZooDAO.

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