How to Pair NFTs

Pairing in Stage 3: Quick Guide


Pairing your NFT with a random opponent in Stage 3 of ZooDAO is a swift and simple process. This action sets the stage for the upcoming Battles.

Steps for Pairing

  1. Log In: Access your ZooDAO account with your connected wallet.

  2. Go to Stage 3 Arena: Navigate to the Arena section during Stage 3.

  3. Select Your NFT: Choose the NFT you wish to pair for a Battle.

  4. Click 'Pair': Press the 'Pair' button on your chosen NFT. This will automatically match your NFT with a random opponent.

Note: ZooDAO will automatically pair all NFTs except for those in Wooden League towards the end of Stage 3, however, users can also manually pair their NFTs to find out who their opponent is sooner.


Pairing in Stage 3 is a one-click process that quickly matches your chosen NFT with an opponent, preparing you for the exciting Battles ahead in ZooDAO. Get ready for the action with just a click!

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