How to Roll Battle Results

How to Roll Battle Results in ZooDAO: A Step-by-Step Guide

Initiating the Battle Roll

Rolling the results of your NFT Battle is an exciting step in ZooDAO, offering a chance to win significant DeFi yield. Here’s how to take the plunge:

  1. Choose Your Battle: In Stage 5, select the NFT Battle you're involved in.

  2. Roll the Dice: Click on the "Roll the Dice" button.

  3. Approve the Transaction: Confirm and approve the transaction in your wallet to proceed.

Discover Your Outcome

Once the transaction is approved, the results are revealed. Find out if you're the lucky winner of the DeFi yield

Automatic vs. Manual Rolling: ZooDAO automatically rolls results for all Battles except those in the Wooden League at the end of Stage 5. However, if you’re eager for an early reveal or need to roll a Wooden League result, the manual roll function is available for you to trigger.

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