How to Stake NFTs

How to Stake NFTs in ZooDAO: A Concise Guide


Staking NFTs in ZooDAO is a key step to engage in Battles and earn rewards. It's a simple process, but remember, it's only possible during Stage 1 of the Battle cycle.

Steps to Stake Your NFT

  1. Connect Your Wallet: First, link your wallet to the ZooDAO dApp.

  2. Access the Battleboard: Find the 'Your NFTs' section to start.

  3. Choose NFTs: Select the NFTs from your collection that you want to stake.

  4. Confirm Staking: Approve and then Stake your NFT through two separate transactions.

Key Points to Remember

  • Timing: Staking and unstaking are limited to Stage 1.

  • Eligibility: Ensure your NFTs are compatible with ZooDAO's staking criteria; if your NFT isn't eligible, reach out to the ZooDAO team.

Unstaking Process

To unstake, follow the same steps but choose 'Unstake NFT' during Stage 1.


Staking in ZooDAO is more than just earning rewards; it's about being an active part of a vibrant community. These easy steps will help you dive into the world of ZooDAO Battles and make the most of your NFTs.

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