How to Vote

How to Vote on NFTs in ZooDAO


Voting on NFTs in ZooDAO is an integral part of engaging with the ecosystem. Your votes not only support your favorite or most profitable NFTs in Battles but also play a crucial role in determining their success and your earning potential within the platform. Voting is a simple process that can significantly impact the outcomes of Battles.

Steps to Vote on NFTs

  1. Access Your ZooDAO Account: Log in using your preferred compatible wallet.

  2. Navigate to the Arena: Click on the 'Arena' button in the platform's interface.

  3. Browse and Select NFTs: Explore the NFTs available for voting. You can use filters and search functions to find specific NFTs or collections.

  4. Cast Your Vote: Once you've chosen an NFT, click on it and decide the number of votes you want to allocate. Confirm your selection by clicking 'Vote' to cast your vote.

Key Considerations

  • Voting Power: Your voting power depends on the amount of liquidity you stake in the platform.

  • Strategic Voting: Consider voting strategically, as your votes influence the outcomes of Battles and potential rewards.

  • Multiple Votes: You can vote on multiple NFTs, spreading your influence across various Battles.

Tips for Effective Voting

  • Balance Your Votes: While you might have favorites, distributing your votes can maximize your impact and potential rewards.


Voting on NFTs in ZooDAO is a straightforward yet impactful way to engage with the platform. Your votes not only support your preferred NFTs but also contribute to the vibrancy and dynamism of the ZooDAO community. Dive in, cast your votes, and be a part of the exciting Battles unfolding in ZooDAO!

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