How to Vote in veZOO

How to Vote in veZOO at ZooDAO

Understanding veZOO: A Quick Reminder

Before diving into the voting process, let's briefly revisit what veZOO is. veZOO stands for 'vote-escrowed ZOO', a mechanism within ZooDAO that allows you to leverage your ZOO tokens and Ethereum (ETH) holdings to vote on your favorite NFT collections. This system not only augments your participation in the ecosystem but also enhances the $ZOO rewards and benefits you and your entire collection receive every season.

Voting Requirements:

  • To participate, you'll need ZOO tokens and an equal amount of Ethereum (ETH) on Arbitrum.

Step-by-Step Voting Guide:

  1. Access veZOO Interface:

    • Open the ZooDAO dApp.

    • Navigate to the veZOO section.

  2. Initiate the Voting Process:

    • Locate the NFT collection you wish to support.

    • Click on the 'Vote' option associated with that collection.

  3. Acquire Liquidity Pool (LP) Tokens:

    • Click on 'Get LP' to proceed.

    • This action will redirect you to Camelot DEX.

  4. Liquidity Addition on Camelot DEX:

    • Approve the use of your ZOO and ETH tokens.

    • Add liquidity by depositing equal amounts of ZOO and ETH.

  5. Finalize Your Vote in veZOO:

    • With your newly acquired LP tokens, return to the veZOO interface in ZooDAO.

    • Click 'Approve', then finalize your vote for the chosen NFT collection.


Voting in veZOO is an impactful way to engage with the ZooDAO ecosystem, allowing you to support your favorite NFT collections actively while leveraging your crypto assets, benefitting not only your own ventures but an entire community's. Follow these steps to make your collection even more appealing!

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