Navigating the dApp

Navigating through ZooDAO's decentralized dApp is intuitive, each section serving a unique purpose in your DeFi journey. Below is a concise guide to help you understand what each section offers:

  • Home: Your dashboard for ZooDAO insights. Here, you'll find the Battleboard displaying live Battle stats, Total Value Locked (TVL), estimated APY, and a list of the top 10 NFTs in the dApp. A beginner-friendly intro video is also available to ease new users into the platform.

  • Arena: The hub for all staked NFTs. In the Arena, you can search, filter, and change viewing options for the NFTs displayed there. It's also the place where you can cast your votes and boost NFTs, depending on the current stage of the Battle.

  • Battles: Keep track of ongoing Battles after NFTs have been paired. This section provides detailed stats, such as win percentages and potential yields, helping you make informed decisions in the heat of the competition.

  • Portfolio: Your personal management space. Here, you can view and adjust your staked or voted positions, claim rewards, and unstake during Stage 1.

  • veZOO: A strategic area to observe veZOO rankings. Use ZOO-ETH LP here to enhance the profitability of your entire collection each season.

  • Bridge: The gateway for transferring NFTs and ZOO tokens from supported chains to Arbitrum, enabling their participation in Battles.

  • Swap Tokens: A versatile tool for asset swaps. Whether you're moving assets across supported chains to Arbitrum or between different Arbitrum assets, this function ensures your assets are Battle-ready.

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