ZooDAO User Docs

Supported Browsers & Devices

ZooDAO is committed to providing a seamless experience for all our users, regardless of their choice of device or browser.

Universal Device Compatibility

ZooDAO's dApp is designed with a universal approach, ensuring it's accessible across a broad spectrum of devices:
  • Desktops: Whether on a Windows PC, a Mac, or a Linux workstation, our dApp delivers consistent performance.
  • Mobile Devices: For users on the go, ZooDAO's dApp is optimized for both smartphones and tablets. Yes, you can Battle for yields while you poop! The adaptive screen technology ensures a tailored and smooth experience specifically for mobile play. Connection via WalletConnect ensures most major wallets are compatible.

Supported Browsers

We pride ourselves on compatibility, and our dApp is engineered to be compatible with most of the widely-used browsers:
  • Google Chrome: Experience smooth navigation and efficient loading times.
  • Mozilla Firefox: Enjoy a reliable and responsive interface.
  • Microsoft Edge: Benefit from enhanced security features and consistent performance.
  • Opera: Navigate with ease and benefit from built-in VPN features.
And many others...
Note: For the best experience, ensure your browser is updated to the latest version.


ZooDAO's primary goal is to ensure accessibility and ease of use for all users. Whether you're accessing our dApp from a mobile device while commuting or from your desktop at home, you can expect a streamlined, permissionless, and user-friendly experience across all supported browsers and devices.