ZooDAO V1 exclusively uses GMX's GLP yields.
GMX Integration: Revolutionizing ZooDAO with GLP

Introduction to GMX

GMX stands out as Arbitrum's killer application; a platform that specializes in spot and perpetual exchange trading. Known for its low swap fees and minimal price impact trades, GMX has established itself as a prominent player in DeFi.

ZooDAO’s Admiration for GMX’s GLP Model

ZooDAO has integrated with GMX, particularly valuing its GLP approach. This model is revolutionary in several ways:
  • Revenue Sharing: GLP holders receive a share of the revenue generated by the trading platform.
  • Liquidity Provisioning: It allows liquidity providers to act as counterparty liquidity for leverage traders, creating a symbiotic relationship between different platform users.

GLP: The Heart of ZooDAO’s DeFi Rewards

GLP acts as the primary mechanism for generating DeFi rewards within the ZooDAO ecosystem. By leveraging the GLP model, ZooDAO is able to offer its users a robust platform for yield generation.

Dive Deeper into GMX’s GLP

For those interested in exploring the intricacies of the GLP model and its broader implications in the DeFi space, GMX provides extensive documentation. ZooDAO encourages users and enthusiasts to delve into these resources for a comprehensive understanding of GLP’s functionality and benefits.

Conclusion: A Synergistic Integration

The integration with GMX and its GLP model is a strategic move by ZooDAO. It not only aligns with ZooDAO's vision of innovative DeFi solutions but also enhances its ecosystem by offering diverse revenue streams and robust liquidity options. This collaboration is a testament to ZooDAO's commitment to embracing and promoting cutting-edge DeFi technologies.
Last modified 2mo ago