Partnership Spotlight: Subsquid and ZooDAO

Introduction to Subsquid

Subsquid is at the forefront of blockchain data solutions, offering an advanced indexing SDK and a distributed data lake. This technology is adept at handling extensive historical on-chain data across more than 100 blockchains. Subsquid sets itself apart with its customizable Extract-Transform-Load-Query stack, which efficiently processes events, transactions, traces, and state diffs.

The Power of Subsquid’s Technology

Utilizing Subsquid’s technology, indexers (known as squids) are exceptionally proficient, catering to both real-time streaming and batch data processing. One of the standout features is the remarkable indexing speed, reaching beyond 50,000 blocks per second, facilitated primarily through data ingestion from the data lake, thus reducing the reliance on high-throughput RPC endpoints.

Subsquid’s Role in ZooDAO

Subsquid plays a pivotal role in the backend operations of ZooDAO. The NFT images displayed on the ZooDAO platform are seamlessly integrated using Subsquid’s technology. This partnership has not only streamlined ZooDAO's interface but also enhanced the overall user experience.

The Collaborative Experience

Working with the Subsquid team has been a highlight for ZooDAO. Their professionalism, responsiveness, and helpfulness have stood out, especially when addressing any queries or challenges faced by ZooDAO. The synergy between the two teams has been a key factor in the successful integration of Subsquid’s technology into ZooDAO’s platform.

Observations and Conclusion

The experience with Subsquid has been exemplary, showcasing their commitment to excellence and support. This partnership is a testament to how strategic collaborations can significantly enhance the functionality and efficiency of a platform like ZooDAO, making it a win-win situation for both parties.