| Overview of ZooDAO

No-loss NFT Battles where the community generates the rewards with DeFi

Welcome to ZooDAO: Where DeFi Meets Gamification and NFTs

ZooDAO emerges as a unique playground in the world of DeFi, where we gamify DeFi yields, and add to their profitability, all while optionally enabling the use of NFTs for a personal touch. It's a platform crafted for those who want an interactive and engaging DeFi experience, but also those who want to finally make use of and show off their prized NFT collections. ZooDAO is not just for DeFi degens, NFT maxis, or any particular crypto group. It's a playground for all, where everyone can get the most out of their assets in a no-loss environment.

Engaging in the ZooDAO Arena

At the core of ZooDAO lies its 'Battles,' a realm where DeFi yields are fought over through 'NFT Battles'. In this Arena, participation isn't limited to NFT owners. Whether you come with a prized digital collectible or simply a keen strategic DeFi mind, there's a role for you, and you can benefit. Each Battle unfolds as a unique blend of strategy, and a bit of luck, offering opportunities for both NFT owners and strategic DeFi voters to leverage their assets or insights in engaging and financially rewarding competitions.

Stepping into the Future with ZooDAO

At ZooDAO, we invite you to experience a new dimension of DeFi – one that is as exhilarating as it is rewarding. It's a platform for those who see the digital asset world not just as a place to invest, but as a space to play, compete, and thrive.
Reminder: You do not need to stake an NFT to benefit from ZooDAO, NFTs just offer an engaging way to gamify DeFi yields. Any user can vote on any staked NFT, and voters receive the lion's share of $ZOO and Battle rewards.

How it Works

  • The Arena: NFTs go head-to-head in passive "Battles" competing for DeFi yields.
  • No-Loss Environment: Your staked NFTs and liquidity remain safe while you vie for real crypto rewards.
  • Voting System: Use assets like ETH, USDC, etc., to Vote on staked NFTs, influencing their chances to win in Battle.
  • Yield Generation: ZooDAO smart contracts utilize GMX and Abracadabra to generate yields with user Votes during each Battle. This yield is what randomly paired opponents will fight for in Battles.
  • Battle Mechanics: Each NFT can have multiple backers. The cumulative votes determine its winning odds against its random opponent's votes.
  • Reward Distribution: Winners earn their own yield PLUS the yield of the losing side, shared proportionally among winning Voters.

The Outcome

  • No-loss: Even if your chosen NFT doesn't win, you only miss out on the potential yield, not your initial voting capital or your NFT - these assets always remain yours and will not be liquidated or lost in Battle.
  • Continuous Play: After each Battle, participants are automatically enrolled in the next, keeping the competition and opportunities for yield ongoing.
In summary, ZooDAO offers a unique blend of gaming and DeFi, where engaging in NFT Battles can lead to earning yields from opponents, all within a secure and continuous play environment.

Game Phases

ZooDAO's gameplay unfolds across five distinct Stages, each marked by specific actions:
  1. 1.
    Staking: Users deposit their NFTs into the platform.
  2. 2.
    Voting: Users vote on NFTs using crypto assets.
  3. 3.
    Pairing: NFTs are matched for the Battles.
  4. 4.
    Boosting: Votes can be enhanced for a stronger chance of winning.
  5. 5.
    Battles: The NFTs compete, and rewards are distributed.
  • Battle Period: Each Battle in ZooDAO typically spans 20 to 21 days. This duration is carefully chosen to allow for the accumulation of meaningful DeFi rewards.

User Convenience and Automation

  • Initial Interaction: Users only need to actively participate once – optionally staking an NFT, voting on NFT(s), and optionally Boosting their votes.
  • Autonomous Gameplay: After these stages, ZooDAO autonomously manages the game phases, ensuring continuous engagement of users’ assets and NFTs in Battles.
  • Continuous Reward Generation: Your assets and NFTs remain active, generating rewards without the need for constant oversight.

Game Phases and Structure

  • Time-Bound Phases: Each game phase within a Battle has a specific duration and follows a set sequence.
  • The Cycle: The game concludes after the fifth Stage, then promptly resets to Stage 1 for the next Battle, creating a cyclic and uninterrupted gaming experience.

Effortless Participation

  • Set and Forget: Once you've set up your NFTs and assets, they keep working for you, even while you're away. Come back during Stage 1 to claim your winnings!
In essence, ZooDAO Battles offer a streamlined and user-friendly approach to gamified DeFi and NFT utility, where initial setup leads to an automated and rewarding game cycle, allowing your investments to thrive with minimal hands-on management.