ZooDAO's technical infrastructure is designed to offer a seamless and automated experience for users who have engaged in staking, voting, and boosting. This automation ensures that, in most cases, users don't need to interact with the dApp after their initial actions and can happily leave their NFTs and assets working for them, returning only to claim their victory spoils and $ZOO rewards. However, manual intervention is available for those who prefer a hands-on approach.

Key Automated Functions

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    Automatic Management:
    • Once a user has completed staking, voting, and boosting, ZooDAO manages the rest of the process automatically and enrollment in new Battles is automatic.
    • This automation includes pairing NFTs, rolling battle results, determining winners, and starting a new Battle season at different stages of the competition.
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    Exceptions in Wooden League:
    • NFTs in the Wooden League require manual pairing by users to avoid high gas cost burden on ZooDAO.
    • This is the only League where automatic pairing is not provided.
    • NFTs in Wooden League have 1-400 Votes
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    Manual Interaction Options:
    • Despite the automated system, users can also manually interact with the dApp at any League or Stage.
    • Actions such as rolling Battle results or discovering opponents can be done by navigating to the user’s NFT/Voted NFT in the dApp and executing the desired action.
    • Users may also roll random results and pair NFTs with random opponents for other users in the dApp.

Specific Automated Functions

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    • This function allows for the swapping of votes in a single stage for voting positions where the NFT has been unstaked.
    • It can be activated if the owner of the voting position has set allowToSwap to True.
    • Users can participate in this feature when voting by ticking the box: "Transfer votes to a new NFT if this one is unstaked" when voting initially.
    • This feature ensures that a user's votes will continuously be in Battles, regardless of whether the NFT owner decides to unstake their NFT or not.
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    • Operates in Stage 3, pairing all NFTs except those in staking positions within the Wooden League.
    • The system pairs NFTs towards the end of Stage 3.
  3. 3.
    • Active in Stage 5, this function rolls the results for winners and losers for each pair in the Arena and automatically updates the epoch to a new Battle.
    • The system rolls results and starts a new Battle towards the end of Stage 5.
ZooDAO's automation feature offers a blend of user convenience and manual control, allowing participants to either sit back and let the system handle the complexities or engage directly with the process at any stage. This flexibility, combined with efficient automatic functions, ensures a smooth and user-friendly experience within the ZooDAO ecosystem.
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