ZooDAO Challengers

ZooDAO Challengers: Enhancing User Experience and Game Dynamics

Introduction to ZooDAO Challengers

In the innovative and ever-evolving world of ZooDAO, the introduction of ZooDAO Challengers has emerged as a unique and engaging feature, designed to address a specific user experience challenge. This feature is not just a solution to a problem but also a delightful 'Easter Egg' within the game that enhances gameplay within ZooDAO's ecosystem.

The Challenge Addressed

Originally, in ZooDAO's debut on the Moonbeam network, there was a noticeable issue - when an uneven number of participants entered a Battle, one NFT would end up without an opponent, leading to a less-than-ideal wait for the next round. This scenario was far from ideal, disrupting the flow and engagement of the game.

The ZooDAO Challenger Solution

To resolve this, ZooDAO Challengers were introduced. Now, if a League has an uneven number of participants, ZooDAO itself provides a challenger based on the League. This ensures that every participant has an opponent for each Battle, maintaining the game's momentum and fairness.

How It Works

  • Fair Odds: Each Battle between a user and a ZooDAO Challenger offers a 50:50 chance of winning or losing, ensuring fairness and unpredictability in the outcome.
  • Reward Distribution:
    • If the Challenger wins, the yield generated is directed to the DAO treasury, thereby contributing to the protocol's further development.
    • If the user wins, they with their own yield as is normal in Battles, but also receive a reward in $ZOO tokens, the amount of which is determined by the League in which the Battle takes place.

Reward Tiers by League

  • Wooden League: 21 $ZOO rewards
  • Bronze League: 123 $ZOO rewards
  • Silver League: 420 $ZOO rewards 🌿
  • Golden League: 1818 $ZOO rewards
  • Platinum League: 6969 $ZOO rewards 😳
  • Ape League: 12345 $ZOO rewards


ZooDAO Challengers not only addresses a crucial gameplay issue but also adds an extra layer of excitement and competition to the platform. This innovative approach showcases ZooDAO's commitment to enhancing user experience and continuously evolving its game mechanics. With ZooDAO Challengers, every round is guaranteed to be engaging and rewarding, making the platform even more compelling for its users.