Stage 1: Staking NFTs and Claiming Rewards

Stage 1 lasts 3 days

The Essence of Staking

  • Initiating Participation: Staking in Stage 1 is the initial phase of a Battle, where users may enroll their NFTs to participate.
  • Broad Eligibility: Users can stake any NFT from over 130 approved collections. New collections can be added upon request.
  • Voting Capability: Staked NFTs become eligible to receive votes by the wider community, a crucial step for participating in Battles.

Staking Position NFT

  • Representation: Upon staking an NFT, users receive a Staking Position NFT. This represents the staked NFT and signifies ownership rights.
  • Transferability: This Staking Position NFT can be transferred to another address, along with the rights to claim the original staked NFT from the dApp.

Claiming Rewards from Portfolio

  • Batch Claiming: Users can claim all rewards from previous Battles, including $ZOO rewards accumulated from voting or staking NFTs with a veZOO ranking.
  • Filters: Users can filter by "My Voted NFTs" and "My Staked NFTs" depending on the rewards they want to claim.

Unstaking and Liquidity Removal

  • Limited Window for Actions: Stage 1 is the only phase where users can withdraw their staked NFTs and remove vote liquidity.
  • Access via Portfolio Tab: These actions are facilitated through the "Portfolio" tab in the dApp.
  • Lock-In Period: Once Stage 1 concludes, staked liquidity and NFTs are locked until Stage 1 of the next Battle.
This structure ensures a seamless transition from enrollment to active participation in ZooDAO Battles, with an emphasis on flexibility and user control during the initial phase.