Stage 2: Voting

Stage 2 lasts 5 days

Stage 2: Voting in ZooDAO Battles

Core Concept

  • Strategic Phase: Voting is a pivotal stage in ZooDAO Battles, where users allocate tokens (capital) to support their chosen NFTs, this capital will generate yield for the duration of the Battle via GMX.
  • Outcome Determination: This phase significantly influences the strength, support, and potential yield of each participant in the Battle.

The Importance of Timing in Voting

  • Early Voting Advantage:
    • First Third of Phase: Votes gain a 1.3x multiplier, maximizing impact and potential yield.
    • Second Third of Phase: Votes hold a standard 1x multiplier.
    • Final Third of Phase: Votes carry a 0.7x multiplier, reducing their impact.

Strategies for Maximizing Impact

  • Early Voting: Encouraged for greater influence and yield.
  • Recomputing Votes: Allows late voters to reset their multiplier to 1.3x in subsequent Battles, ensuring users get the most out of their votes.

Passive Yield Generation

  • Continued Activity: Voting assets continue to generate yield passively until they take effect in the next Stage 2 of a Battle.
  • Rising in Leagues: Accumulated votes on an NFT affect its position in the Leagues, increasing yield generation and the level of opponents.

Maximizing ZooDAO Benefits

  • No-Loss Voting: Users can allocate votes liberally, enhancing their chances of winning, increasing their yield generation, and facing a higher tier of opponents who are also generating more yield.
  • Engagement Rewards: Active participation in the Voting stage amplifies returns and strengthens the user’s position in the ZooDAO ecosystem.
  • More votes = more rewards: Users voting with more liquidity will not only generate more yield for themselves and have more yield to win from better opponents, but they will also drastically increase their veZOO rewards if voting on a collection with a veZOO ranking.

Voting Across Stages

  • Flexibility in Voting: Users can vote at any Stage, but these votes will only take effect in Stage 2.
  • Continuous Yield During Wait: Votes cast in earlier or later stages generate yield for the user until they become active in the subsequent Stage 2, ensuring the assets aren't idle.
  • No Immediate Battle Impact: Votes in Stages 4 and 5 don't affect current Battle outcomes/odds but are set for the next Battle's Stage 2.
This structure allows for strategic engagement in the ZooDAO Battles, with an emphasis on timing and continued participation for optimized yield and influence.