ZooDAO User Docs

Stage 3: Pairing

Stage 3 lasts 1 Day or until all NFTs are paired
Introduction to Pairing
The third phase of a ZooDAO Battle, Pairing, is where the stage is set for one-on-one confrontations. This is where NFTs are matched against a random opponent based on the League the NFTs are in; for example, an NFT in the Silver League will never face an opponent outside of the Silver League.
Criteria for Pairing
  • Non-Zero Votes: Only NFTs with non-zero vote balances are eligible for pairing.
  • User-Initiated Pairs: Any user within the ZooDAO ecosystem can create a random pair for any participating NFT by clicking the "Pair" button on their chosen NFTs in the Arena and approving the transaction.
  • Pseudo-Random Selection: Pairs are selected pseudo-randomly to ensure fairness and unpredictability.
Possible Outcomes of the Pairing Phase
  • ​Automatic Pairing: NFTs are generally paired automatically by ZooDAO within their respective Leagues, though users can initiate pairing themselves to discover their opponents earlier.
  • Special Case for Wooden League: NFTs in the Wooden League are exempt from automatic pairing to prevent potential gas-intensive operations for ZooDAO and to mitigate the risk of spam attacks involving NFTs with minimal votes. Wooden League NFT owners/voters must pair manually.
Handling Odd Numbers and ZooDAO’s Challenger
  • Odd Number of NFTs: In cases where there is an odd number of NFTs in a League, ZooDAO steps in to provide a Challenger, ensuring that every NFT has the opportunity to battle.
  • Challenger: The ZooDAO challenger always has a 50-50 chance of winning vs its opponent, creating a fair and balanced opportunity for the user.
  • Rewards for Victory: Winning against the ZooDAO challenger entitles the user to claimable ZOO rewards, the amount of which is determined by the League they are competing in.
The Pairing phase is a crucial step in the ZooDAO Battle process, laying the groundwork for the following intense battles. Whether an NFT finds itself in a pair or faces the ZooDAO challenger, this stage ensures that every participant has a fair shot at victory and the rewards that come with it.