Stage 4: Boosting

Stage 4 lasts 12 days

Stage 4: Boosting in ZooDAO Battles

Introduction to Boosting

  • Purpose: Boosting is a strategic opportunity in the fourth phase of a ZooDAO Battle to enhance a user's Votes, thereby increasing their odds of winning in the current Battle.
  • Method: Participants increase their voting power by staking ZOO-ETH LP, influencing Battle outcomes.
  • Optionality: Boosting votes is entirely optional and is not required to play the game.

Boosting Mechanics

  • Matching Votes from Stage 2: Users are capped on Boosting by the value of their voting position from Stage 2.
For example: If a user votes on an NFT with $1000 in Stage 2, they will be able to Boost this voting position by a maximum of approximately $1000 in $ZOO-ETH LP, and the votes will be worth the same as their Stage 2 votes. In this example with maximum multipliers, they would go from 1300 votes to 2600 votes, potentially drastically increasing their chances of winning vs their current opponent.
  • Staking for Power: Stake ZOO-ETH LP to Boost votes; 0.05 LP equals 1 vote.
  • Ratio and Value: The boosting power is roughly equivalent to the dollar value of the LP, in line with the initial market launch price for ZOO.
  • Prerequisite: Must have voted on an NFT before boosting that specific position.
  • Permanent Boost: Once a user has Boosted their votes, the votes will carry over into all subsequent Battles and represent a permanent Boost unless the user unstakes their votes.

Time-Dependent Boosting Power

Similar to Voting in Stage 2, Boosting power is dependent on the time of the Boost. If a user misses the maximum multiplier in a Battle, they can recompute their votes during the next season and will remain at 1.3x for each subsequent Battle.
  • Days 1-4: Peak boosting with a 1.3x multiplier.
  • Days 4-8: Normal boosting at a 1.0x multiplier.
  • Days 8-12: Reduced boosting with a 0.7x multiplier.
  • Top-Up Option: Late boosters can "Recompute" their votes to reach a 1.3x multiplier in the next Battle season.

Community and Collection Benefits

  • Increased Winning Odds: Boosting enhances a user’s chance of winning and strengthens their NFT in future Battles.
  • Boost to veZOO Rank: Boosting contributes to the veZOO rank of the NFT’s Collection being boosted, fostering community spirit.

Balancing the Ecosystem

  • Preventing Whale Dominance: Voting before boosting, and a cap on boosting power, ensures balance and fairness.
  • Against Pay-to-Win: These measures keep the dApp from becoming pay-to-win, ensuring strategic participation over financial power over $ZOO.


  • Scenario: Alice has already voted on her favorite NFT with 20 votes. She decides to boost her votes by staking ZOO-ETH LP.
  • Process: She stakes 1 ZOO-ETH LP, which equals 20 votes (based on the 0.05 LP to 1 vote ratio).
Boosting in ZooDAO is crucial for amplifying influence and chances of victory. It encourages strategic engagement and maintains a fair, competitive environment by balancing token utility and participant involvement.